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Core Values in the Time of Covid: An Interview with Our COO and Principal, Andy Wade

  1. How have you encouraged Traditions employees to stay positive during the pandemic?

We all share our Core Values and philosophy, and did well before the pandemic. But this time has created a significant, additional burden for our employees, and the adversity has galvanized our team around each other and our shared values. It is humbling to see how our employees realized what was at stake and encouraged each other through a very difficult time.

  1. Important vs. Necessary is one of the company’s Core Values. You’ve mentioned how instrumental it has been in managing right now. Can you tell us why?

Much of what we do to keep employees and residents healthy, such as wearing personal protective equipment and eliminating group gatherings, are necessary for obvious reasons. And yet, we have done a great job in preventing the necessary from crowding out the important things that impact quality of life.

With social distancing and all of the restrictions, it has been much more difficult to do important things, but our employees have been incredibly creative in making those important, personal and meaningful things happen.

Our social media platforms are full of images and videos of employees going above and beyond to make important connections while ensuring necessary precautions are in place to keep everyone safe.

  1. Many organizations have had to let their employees go during this time. How have you not only been able to maintain staff, but double down on your commitment to them?

We provide care and services to the most vulnerable population. The pandemic only magnified the need for healthy, loving employees. We knew we would need all hands on deck as the virus spread.

So our group prioritized sourcing supplies and training employees on how to keep themselves and the residents safe. We believe that this led to a sense of security and knowledge in how to perform during this time. The preparation and ongoing team support allowed everyone the freedom to focus on their job, versus the pandemic.

We also knew that we were asking our staff members to do more. So we tried very hard to offer them added incentive and support them in any way we could, and we will continue to do so.

  1. What would you say has been your biggest challenge during this pandemic?

I would say communication has been our biggest challenge and opportunity, at all levels, and in all directions.

When it became apparent that the pandemic was going to fundamentally impact what we do every day, the need for efficient communication became extremely important. As care providers to the most vulnerable population, we needed clear information and guidance from health experts and regulating authorities regarding mandates and restrictions that affected our operations.

In turn, we were obligated to provide accurate and timely direction to the people who live and work in our communities, as well as their loved ones. Fear and uncertainty made reliable communication paramount.

We felt it was impossible to over-communicate. We needed to disseminate information transparently and in a timely manner. As a team, I think we have done a remarkable job with this and will continue to make it a priority.